Benefits for Boys

Boys will be Boys!

    Young boys are often very egocentric (some say selfish!). Boys will advance their positive interaction skills through supervised play in group environments. HappyFeet offers a structured (but creative) curriculum that allows the kids the opportunity to develop motor skills, practice following directions, and work as a team in a fun and exciting way.

    Because males are genetically patterned to be the "Hunter/Warrior" it is very important to help young boys develop their creative and cooperative character. The HappyFeet curriculum consistently offers boys challenges or problems that require them to develop a creative, cooperative solution. As boys progress through the HappyFeet curriculum they learn to welcome difficult tasks as manageable challenges; as something they can handle rather than becoming discouraged. 


HappyFeet Approach & Benefits

    HappyFeet is a major developmental opportunity for socialization. Boys consistently learn through play and HappyFeet’s curriculum allows them to learn social team skills in a creative but organized manner. According to Carleton Kendrick, Ed., M., "Socialization is the single greatest developmental benefit to be gained from a good preschool experience.”Confidence is perhaps the most important positive of the HappyFeet approach. HappyFeet gives children the ability to consistently and recognizably improve. This solidifies their self concept. Crucially each child has his/her own ball throughout the session. Despite varying ability levels this gives every child the opportunity to feel good and a guarantee of success!

    “Alec's confidence level greatly increased after doing HappyFeet. He gained a certain sense of self that was otherwise not apparent before his HappyFeet experience. He enjoyed playing soccer with other children and loved learning the skills.”  - Mother of preschool boy

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